ABOUT Eko Charitable Foundation

With its estimated 21 million people, Lagos is choking from its pollution. The signs are everywhere. In particular, the effects of pollution on the coastal area are immeasurable and it impacts all aspects of social and environmental life. The impact is direct and indirect: from the local fishermen to the lifeless sea turtles that float to the shores. The situation in Lagos is so extreme that there is nowhere one can look at without spotting plastic.

For this reason, the main force and visionary behind the association, Elda Beccarelli, decided to take matters into her hands and started cleaning. Literally. Hour after hour: with rakes, shovels and baskets to gather the dirt. Everyday. A devoted beach goer, the possibility of enjoying the beach became increasingly threatened by the amount of rubbish washing up to the shores: plastic bottles, shoes, medical waste, nappies, and more plastic. In her own words- “I grew up coming to the beach here in Lagos. My best memories are set here- to see this beauty perish before my eyes was unbearable, so I decided to do something about it”.

On the back of this, the association was created. “ To formalise these efforts, join hands, spread the message and gain support.” A wise man once said “ there is power in unity and there is power in numbers”. Truer words were never spoken. The road is long and complex- but it has to start somewhere.

Who We Are

Eko Charitable Foundation for Poverty Alleviation is an incorporated Foundation registered in Nigeria in January 2015 created to alleviate poverty and improve living conditions through environmental protection and sustainable commerce.

The trustees of the foundation consist of a Chairman and four other Trustees at its incorporation and together constitute the Board of Trustees.

The trustees of the association are the following:

  1. Mrs Elda Beccarelli - CHAIRMAN
  2. Mrs Jenny Micheletti-Ademola - TREASURER
  3. Mr Olusegun Akerele - SECRETARY
  4. Mr Yomi Ademola - TRUSTEE
  5. Mr Aditya Chellaram - TRUSTEE

Our Mission

To join hands in alleviating poverty while creating environmental awareness: we are all responsible for the environment and one step at the time we can be a part of the solution.

Our Objectives

  1. To alleviate and eradicate poverty in all its guises especially as it affects children.
  2. To improve the living conditions of children and Nigerians generally by providing aid in the forms of food, clothing, shelter, education and medical treatment to those in need.
  3. To provide all other physical means by which the poverty will be alleviated and eradicated in Nigeria.
  4. To promote respect and protection of the environment and to preserve and nurture the natural world.
  5. To prevent the pollution and abuse of the country’s oceans, lands and environment and to generally clean and improve the quality of the country’s beaches.
  6. To promote environmental awareness and to see and provide solutions for our environmental problems.
  7. To protect Nigerians form the harmful effects of environmental pollution.